Attention all youth show enthusiasts!


The CMGA Youth Point Chase is an excellent program for all youth 21 years and under proudly showing their animals at meat goat shows across Canada.

Youth are the future of our industry and every time you take your animals out to a show you are representing the meat goat industry to the public and to other producers.

The CMGA Youth Point Chase is your opportunity to collect points for your show efforts and be in the running to be the top point earner at the end of the show season. Points will be tabulated by the CMGA office from those shows submitting results.


  • Open to all juniors, age 21 and under as of January 1st of the current year, exhibiting meat goats in purebred, percentage or commercial meat goat classes.
  • Age groups, Junior(12 years and under) Intermediate (13-15 years) Senior (16-21 years).
  • Conformation points accumulated for both the junior show and open shows.
  • For open shows to be eligible the results must be from a CMGA sanctioned show and the animals exhibited MUST be registered and exhibited in the youth’s name.
  • For results in the commercial or market kid classes to be eligible the animal must be exhibited in the youth’s name.
  • For all CMGA sanctioned shows please complete the Record of Awards for the CMGA Youth Point Chase.
  • Points will be tabulated by the CMGA office.
  • In the event of a tie in total number of points, the junior with the highest accumulation of showmanship points will be the winner.
  • Please forward the Youth Show results with the Report of Awards within 60 days of the show.
  • Winners will be announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and published in the Meat Goat Journal.
  • Winners will be invited to attend the AGM. If they are not able to attend their prizes will be mailed out after the AGM.

Non-sanctioned shows

  • Non-sanctioned junior shows are eligible, pending CMGA board approval, please contact CMGA.
  • Applications must be sent in at least 60 days prior to the show for approval.
  • There must be a designated junior show where meat goat classes are included.
  • Official placing results and show contact information by the organizing show committee must be sent to the CMGA office within 60 days of the show.

NEW! Bred and Owned

  • Only eligible at CMGA sanctioned shows.
  • Breeder and owner must be a CMGA junior member.
  • Junior exhibitor must be the only recorded owner on record.
  • Registration numbers must be provided.
  • Youth exhibiting as breeder and owner to be announced in each class, this is a great way to encourage the youth to be proud of their accomplishments.

To learn more about the CMGA Youth Point Chase and the point system, downloadable information here.

If you are hosting a show be sure to include a Youth Class and send the results to the office with the Report of Awards. For a copy of the Youth Point Chase Report of Awards download here.