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Type Evaluation Program

What is Type Evaluation?

Type Evaluation (or Classification) is a program that has been utilized for many years by other livestock groups (primarily the dairy industries). Type evaluation is the comparison of an individual animal (and its parts) against the ideal Canadian Boer Goat – according to the current CMGA scorecard and breed standards. 

The breeder is provided with an official form, indicating a linear score between 1 and 9 for each of the type traits, with a final score ranking the animal as compared to the ideal. The type traits evaluated are: Size and Development, Structure (frame), Structure (feet and legs), Structure (rump), Volume and Capacity, Muscling, Breed and Sex Character, and Soundness/Reproductive System. Each goat is given a score for each trait and an overall rating. Animals with a high score are closer to the ideal Boer goat and known as “true to type.” This score can be a great marketing tool for your herd as well as useful in making breeding or culling decisions. Each trait evaluated is linked to important characteristics such as productivity, longevity, and disease resistance.

How is Type Evaluation useful?

Type Evaluation programs can be of assistance to both purebred and commercial producers. These programs help producers identify specific strengths and weaknesses of individual animals in their herd, and as a result, can help lead to overall herd and breed improvement. Type Evaluation results can also be used as a marketing tool, making selling and purchasing at a distance easier to do. While showing is an important part of exhibiting your herd, type evaluation assists producers in making sound breeding decisions for herd productivity and longevity. This program is objective with trained evaluators that compares your animal to the ideal Boer goat by using a detailed scorecard and standardized system. This allows you to compare animals from across the country to one another without ever leaving the farm.

I already show my animals, why would I want to have them classified?

While showing is an excellent promotional tool and a good way to have your animals judged, it differs in one very major way from a Type Evaluation program. At a show, animals are only compared to the other animals that are present at that venue. Therefore, goats which may be judged Grand Champion, may not necessarily epitomize the qualities of the Boer breed, but are only the best of what was exhibited that day. In a Type Evaluation Program, each animal is judged against the IDEAL Boer goat – consequently, the results from an Evaluation have much more merit than a championship ribbon in terms of recognizing traits to assist in potential genetic improvement. Type Evaluation is also an asset to those who either can not, or chose not, to show. It provides an opportunity for an official evaluation of an animal on farm without the logistical problems of attending a show and the possible biosecurity risks of moving one’s animals to a common venue.

Who can participate in Type Evaluation?

Any CMGA member in good standing whose membership fees are paid in full for the current year can participate.

What animals can be evaluated?

Both registered Percentage and Purebred animals can be evaluated. Tattoos will be checked by the evaluator and must be legible. All animals must have their original registration papers on site. 

Breeders also have the option to have unregistered animals evaluated. The evaluator will mark all the individual type traits but will not calculate a final score. Does must have kidded at least once to be evaluated and must have kidded within one year of the evaluation. Bucks must be at least one year old. 

For more information on the Type Evaluation Program, please contact the CMGA office with the form below.

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