Curious how your goats can become Canadian champions?

To have a Canadian Champion in your herd is very exciting. These champion goats are testaments to the dedication and hard work demonstrated by exhibitors who put the time and effort in to attend shows to showcase their animals and breeding program. In each of the divisions at a sanctioned Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA) show, there are winners for Senior champion, Reserve Senior champion, Junior champion and Reserve Junior champion. Those champions go on to compete for overall Grand and Reserve Grand Champion at the show in each division. The show results are documented on the Report of Awards (due within 60 days of the show) and forwarded to the CMGA office. There they are entered into a spreadsheet tracking each of the shows and the winners. Points are awarded to each division winner and to the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion (see below). At the end of the show season, the points are tabulated from all the sanctioned shows to determine the Canadian Champion for each division. The animal who defeated the largest number of competitors at that year’s shows would win the title. Unlike the Permanent Champion Program, the Canadian Show Champion Program does not require a minimum number of animals in each division to qualify for points. Simply, the more shows exhibitors attend and win the closer they are to having a Canadian Show Champion in their herd. In order to increase your chances, encourage your local fair to host a CMGA sanctioned show and attend as many shows as you can. If you are interested in organizing a sanctioned show, go to our website or contact the office for more information. Good luck to everyone this show season! Points Designations Grand Champion - 10 Reserve Grand Champion - 7 Sr. Champion - 6 Reserve Sr. Champion - 5 Jr. Champion - 4 Reserve Jr Champion - 3