NEW! GHIP performance data results

NEW! GHIP performance data results

The Goat Herd Improvement Program (GHIP) is a herd performance data program being offered by the Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA) in cooperation with Kentucky State University (KySU).

Records are important to the growth and success of any business, including livestock production. Production-based records allow producers to do a better job in selecting animals that are more productive, have fewer problems, and ultimately are more profitable. Performance records have been used by other livestock industries for years to improve traits of economic importance such as weaning weights, rate of gain, twinning rates, and parasite resistance.

CMGA began the collaboration with KySU in 2012, and since that time have tracked almost 3,100 kids from Canadian producers recording kid birth weights and weaning weights. Click HERE for tables of the compiled data and further information.

Kid Data for 2015

Dam Data for 2015

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According to Dr. Andries of KySU, “with the data set of this size we can start to see some useful information in the overall summary.” As the number of observations increases, the data becomes more useful and can be used to create benchmarks for performance and production that producers can use to improve their bottom line.

CMGA would like to thank the following producers for participating in the program during 2015

The program is free of charge. Participation not only helps the individual producer, but also helps our industry as a whole by helping to establish some much needed benchmarks for the Canadian meat goat industry.