Registration of Savannah Goats in Canada

In recent months, the office has received a few requests from Savannah goat breeders to find out if it is possible to register their goats in Canada via the CMGA. It would be possible ... BUT ... there are several steps to get there. This is done under the umbrella of the Animal Pedigree Act, which is led by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

Who needs to send the request?

First, interested breeders need to know that CMGA board members will not decide on their own to start the process. This is a request that must come from Canadian Savannah goat breeders. Breeders must mandate the Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA) to be the Registrar of the Savannah breed in Canada. The first step would be to form a committee of Savannah goat breeders interested in the process. The first task of this committee will be to make every reasonable effort to contact all Canadian Savannah goat breeders to inform them of their intention to seek recognition of the breed in Canada and whether they are in favor of the creation of a Canadian registrar for the Savannah breed. Recognition will not be granted if the Minister (or the AAFC representative on file) is not fully satisfied that the breeders have been properly surveyed and that the applicants represents the breeders across the country.

What are the next steps?

The second step is the requirement to consult CMGA members in writing for approval to proceed with the application. When approval is received from the majority of CMGA members, the rest of the steps can be completed, including:

1. Applicant must satisfy the Minister by demonstrating the following:

  • The application is for a population of animals sufficiently large, in Canada and accessible to Canadian breeders from acceptable identified foreign registries, to achieve the purposes of the APA in respect of breed improvement,
  • The population of animals has significant value
  • The request aims a population of animals for which the keeping of pedigrees and other records would be beneficial to both the breeders and to the public-at-large.

2. Demonstrate that all animals must derive from a common genetic origin and history

3. Demonstrate that the population of animals is distinct from other breeds of the species.

4. Identify specific features that are sufficiently stable genetically for the identified distinct characteristics, enough to maintain the distinctiveness of the breed
from generation to generation (breed standards).

5. Define how animals will be registered

6. Define the characteristics of the animals that will make up the foundation herd

7. Work with CLRC to establish the programming required to register new breeds and determine the cost.

8. Make the amendments to the CMGA Constitution and By-Laws and present them at the Annual Meeting for approval.

9. Etc.

Those who wish to receive details of the procedure to follow may contact the CMGA office or download the following documents:

New Breed Application - For an Existing Association

Checklist for Recognition of Distinct Breed Characteristics

The CMGA is ready to help breeders who decide to start a new breed registration process, but they need to know that the process can take several years. It is therefore necessary that the breeders who will be part of the Committee be convinced of
the validity of the approach, that they expect to work hard, are persevering and ready to work as a team.

The CMGA is currently looking for Savannah goat breeders who are interested in starting the process by forming the Savannah Committee, which will work with the CMGA Breed Standards Committee. The members of the Board of Directors of the CMGA are also
interested in receiving feedback. In the coming weeks, follow our Facebook page to answer the survey as well as our publications to receive more information.

The deadline for comments is August 9, 2019.